Passport 2 Fun Travel 

...a Perfect Trips travel agent 
"The idea for Passport 2 Fun Travel was started over 10 years ago on the premise that nothing beats personalized service, experience, and attention to detail.

While many Internet sites promise special deals, travelers are often unaware of restrictions, exceptions, and fine print.  Making the right choices based on price alone is not always the best course of action for travelers.

I recognized the need for experienced agents in the Internet age. While many agents succumb to the pressure of bargain Internet sites, I recognized the niche for knowledgeable experienced travel professionals. 

I knew that travelers would appreciate the values of a full-service travel agency. Many travelers learned that they actually saved money and had a more enjoyable experience by seeking the help of an experienced travel professional.  I wanted to highlight this fact and decided to call my agency,
Passport 2 Fun Travel."

Maria Mosior
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